Concentrated Solar Thermal : Energi Baru Terbarukan (EBT) Corporate Social Responsibilities Investor Relations Our Company at A Glance..

Concentrated Solar Thermal : Energi Baru Terbarukan (EBT)

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Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP) merupakan salah satu sumber daya energi baru terbarukan yang menggunakan energi panas matahari yang terpusatkan untuk mengumpulkan panas. Energi panas yang dihasilkan diharapkan cukup untuk menggerakkan turbin yang akan menciptakan medan energi atau listrik. Teknologi yang banyak dikembangkan di Eropa dan US tentunya sangat membutuhkan investasi yang cukup besar tetapi sepadan dengan nilai keekonomisan.  Sejak tahun 2007 sampai dengan 2010 CSP telah digunakan diseluruh dunia dengan total kapasitas yang telah diciptakan mencapai 740 MW. Masih sangat kecil dibandingkan kebutuhan energi dunia, tetapi wilayah Indonesia yang berada digaris ekuator diharapkan dapat mengumpulkan panas matahari secara maksimal. Per januari 2014 Concentrated Solar Power terbesar dibangun oleh negara Spanyol yang telah mencapai 2,204 MW, disusul US dan Abu Dhabi.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

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Our CSR project straight to develop local economics. Strengthening strategy of national development. GDP increases as locals activities turning up.

Investor Relations

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PTAGE business activities fully supported by high financial performance investor with more than 50% local content shareholder. PTAGE has built a balanced portfolio of exploration, development and production assets. It is focussed on Aceh area initially where it has a majority equity stake, operatorship and some form of competitive advantages.

PTAGE’s investor is structuring oil and gas projects by assisting local partners in the technical, financial and legal phases to develop a locally owned company ready to be financed. They will enable and demonstrate for the domestic company how to obtain their own operational capability over a limited time-frame. Furthermore, an operational platform will be established to develop and operate fields through a partnership model. There is an increasing demand from host nations with limited oil and gas industries to maximize their local creation of value that enabling host parties to obtain control over their own natural resources.

Our Company at A Glance..

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LogoPT Aceh Global Energi (PTAGE) is a young and dynamic oil & gas exploration and production company with the vision to become the largest independent South East Asian oil & gas company. Headquartered in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, PTAGE shall be a fast growth operating company with regards to owning and operating prospective acreages in Indonesia and Malaysia. We have strong relationships with many international oil and gas investors with similar experiences in the US, UK, South Africa and the Middle East.

Our group of companies consist many sectors in Oil& Gas, Mining, Energy, Green Plantation : Gold Copper Mining, Iron Ore Mining, Power Plant, Oil&Gas upstream and downstream, also Plantation.

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