Available for JV/TO : Gold Mining Permit for 3,250 Hectares with reserves 5 MT gold (placer)

We are a local mining company based in Aceh, Northern Sumatera (Indonesia). Mining permit is valid until year 2032.

Sumatra  Island  is  the  northwest  oriented  physiographic  expression,  lied  on  the western edge of Sundaland. The main geographical trendlines of the island are rather simple. Its backbone is formed by the Barisan Range which runs along the western side. The Sumatra island is interpreted to be constructed by collision and suturing of discrete microcontinents in late Pre-Tertiary times


Aceh Structure Patern 2Aceh Structure Patern




The company is looking for serious and committed investor for joint of takeover. Please take a look the mining activities

Please email us : info@acehglobalenergi.com

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