We started the company in 2013 the founders observed an absence in the market of independent exploration and production companies with a pure focus on Indonesia-Asia whilst at the same time, macroeconomic forecasts indicated that SE Asia would continue to experience strong GDP growth.  We saw this as a compelling market opportunity.  AGE was formed with the aim of filling this niche and is now the largest independent E&P company with a pure SE Asian focus starting in Aceh, Indonesia. The strategy is straightforward; we plan to partner with Indonesia National Oil and Gas Company and some big players in Indonesia to sustain oil and gas production, starting here in Aceh.

At first, we are as local oil and gas company should play role as leader in Aceh in term of Oil and Gas, Social and CSR as our consideration to sustain the project. Technology and financial support from international partners make us more strong and confident. We are taking seriously our responsibilities to conduct our operations safely and in full co-operation with the communities in which we operate. Hopefully we can support Government of Indonesia to increase oil and gas production to make economic growth beacuse we are fast growth oil and gas company.

Now, our group of companies has involved in many sectors such as Mining, Power plant, and Plantation. We are pleased you to submit your inquiries to

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